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Our Vision (what we want to become)

It is our vision that Personal Health Response will become recognized as the leader in providing  individualized analytical reports for health evaluation and assessment.  We expect our products to be used in  medical practices for diagnosis and treatment, and also to be applied in "over-the-counter"  form for use by the health-conscious general public and those servicing that market. 


Our Mission (what we're about)

Our mission is to develop high-quality, individualized, analytical reporting products which will improve the end-user's state of health and well-being.   We intend to have the broadest impact possible by customizing our analytical techniques for their use in standard medical treatment as well as consumer initiated health/wellness activities such as nutrition and weight-loss.


Where We Are Going

PHR is introducing into the market the initial KAMM-12 product.  This is the first of many innovative analytical reporting products and services that will make a difference in the end-user's state of health and well-being.  The  KAMM-12 product uses the most sophisticated technology available to date to provide customized recommendations for specific vitamins and nutritional supplements based on the customer's metabolic information.  Making a difference in customer's quality of health and well-being will remain a driving priority.

To ensure that we get to where we are going, we will need to:


Ensure our sustained growth and profitability


Expand our reputation as a company with products that "MAKE A DIFFERENCE"


Improve corporate name recognition for Personal Health Response as an innovative, high-quality,  service and product provider.


Strengthen the products by specializing in different areas with specific brand names


Deliver products and services to our end users that truly add value to their existing products or services


Foster an environment for developing new ideas.


How Will We Get There

Distributors will play a key role in the development of Personal Health Response.  They will propagate the original products and services into the real world and find new as well as practical solutions for our products.  Our distributors will provide information and encourage us to continuously  upgrade and expand the existing products and services. They will provide a regional, national and global visibility which would not otherwise be possible.

Once we've made significant inroads with the KAMM-12, we will expand our application of that product to include the standard health care delivery system.  In parallel with the introduction of the KAMM-12 to standard health care delivery, we will begin the release of new products with applicability to both the health care and general consumer areas.

To help us reach our vision, we will use innovation, communication, high-tech and specialization.


Innovation and communication

Implement and maintain a permanent and structured two-way communication between our distributors (customers)  and the specialists in R&D, Development and Operations.

maintain an in-depth knowledge of the changing health care needs as well as medical and governmental requirements

develop / customize reports and services that cater to a need and deliver value for money, delivering the products  in such a way that our customers can rely on a service that exceeds customers expectations.

marketing our services in such a way that quality and innovation are always the core messages.


Corporate and high-tech

a consistent "high-tech" attitude of all the people that work within our company being the base for a streamlined and flexible organization

efficient and reliable product distribution, original marketing ideas, close relationships with our customers and an unrivalled after sales service

expanding the feeling among all Personal Health Response workers that they are one of the most important assets

alertness throughout the whole organization for opportunities as they arise

expanding opportunities provided by our international distribution network.

developing and shaping our corporate image for our end users.




product specialization within Personal Health Response,  starting within the research and development departments with staff focusing on the different products or product groups

This focus is a common theme throughout PHR, from production to marketing and after sales services, for all products distributed.

The key issue for our distributors (customers) is that for each product or product group that is distributed in the market, PHR has specialized and highly skilled employees who understand the product.

as products expand and evolve, regional specialization will be implemented with specialists available that not only know the product but also have an in-depth knowledge of the region; this type of specialization will allow PHR organization to have a prime advantage in the market place enabling us to provide tailor-made solutions and advice to our end users.

This focus on specialization will enable us to think globally while acting locally.

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