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Welcome to Personal Health Response!

Our company provides a unique, innovative and cost effective way for the average person to monitor the status of their health and well-being.  What you see on this web site deals with our KAMM-12 reporting product, which is intended for use by the general public.   See the "It's About You" section which describes the types of questions about your health and well-being which our KAMM-12 report attempts to answer.

To answer the wellness (or, well-being) types of questions, The KAMM-12 uses visual graphics to show you your current state of wellness.  It is the result of applying a patented process to 12 parameters from standard medical lab data.  

KAMM is a shorthand notation for  Kvitash Advanced Metabolic Map ( Vadim Kvitash, M.D., Ph.D.,  is the inventor of the patented analytical process used by the KAMM-12).   More information on the KAMM-12 and the methodology behind it is provided under the Reference Material section.   Additional information on Dr. Kvitash can be found under The Company section of this web site.

The KAMM-12  is just the beginning of additional reporting products intended to serve the general public as well as the medical community.


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